Rimfire Spark Plugs available from Roland M Morrison


Just as a reminder- please note the Rimfire spark plugs are intended for model airplane use and not ultra-lite or full size aircraft.

Credit Card Ordering ONLY available online

For Bulk or International orders, please call or submit an email for quotes or inquiries.

If paying by check, please print an order sheet and mail along with payment to:

Roland M Morrison
P.O. Box 555
Benton City, WA 99320

For inquiries or questions about an order, please call
(406) 962-5144

Credit Cards are not accepted via mail, e-mail or phone.

The manufacturer of the Rimfire and Viper Spark Plugs just announced a price increase. The ceramic insulators, besides taking years for delivery, have doubled in cost as have many of the other parts.

This necessitates an immediate price adjustment so we can continue to stock the full range of the unequaled Rimfire and Viper Spark Plugs.

Now if someone can just do something about shipping costs.....

- Morrison & Marvin Engine Works

Credit Card orders

Rimfire VR2 (5/16 HEX, 1/4-32 THRD)
Rimfire VR2L (5/16 HEX, 1/4-32 THRD)
Rimfire V2 (5/16 HEX, 1/4-32 THRD)
Rimfire V3 (5/16 HEX, 1/4-32 THRD)
1/4-32 Tap
Viper Z1 (6MM HEX, 10-40 THRD)
Mini Viper Z2 (6MM HEX, 10-40 THRD)
Micro Viper Z3 (6MM Hex, 10-40 THRD)
10-40 Tap
Rimfire V (7/16 HEX, 3/8-24 THRD)
Domestic Shipping & Handling for any quantity under 5 is $7

Domestic Shipping & Handling for quantity 6 to 10 is $13

International Shipping & Handling for any quantity under 5 is $17.00

International Shipping & Handling for quantity 6 to 10 is $30